New Generation Infrared Sauna Benefits


Infra red sauna Northern Beaches therapy ensure their clients that they will give them a great way to relax, detox and lose weight. Not only does it offer all the benefits of traditional saunas, but infrared saunas are also more energy efficient, faster to heat up and easier to use. If you’re interested in learning more about infrared sauna benefits or want to purchase your own home infrared sauna, read on!

No Heat Up Time

The heat-up time of a traditional sauna is an inconvenient part of the experience. Traditional saunas take a long time to reach their highest temperatures, which means you have to wait for at least 20 minutes before you can start sweating.

Infrared saunas, on the other hand, are ready to use immediately after turning them on and they do not require any time to build up heat like traditional saunas do. This means that infrared saunas will allow you to enjoy your sweat session right away!

Energy Efficient

Infrared saunas are much more energy efficient than traditional saunas. Infrared saunas use less than half the energy of traditional saunas, which means that you can get the same results without breaking your bank account.

Temperature Control

The infrared saunas have a built-in temperature control system that allows you to regulate the heat of the sauna according to your preference. You can also adjust it during your session, which is good because it’s easy to get overheated when sitting in one for long periods of time. If you start feeling uncomfortable or even faint, just turn down the temperature until you feel better again!

Super Low EMF

  • EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is a form of energy that’s emitted by devices such as cell phones, computers and televisions.
  • EMF waves are invisible, but they can cause damage to your cells and tissues if you’re exposed to them for too long.
  • Infrared saunas use natural frequencies that are thousands of times lower than those generated by household appliances like microwaves or cell phones.

Carriage Lights

Carriage lights are lights that are mounted to the carriage, or the moving part of a sauna. These lights are usually battery-powered and can be used by those inside of the sauna to provide additional light.

Zero Clearance

Zero Clearance

It’s a feature of the sauna that allows for better air circulation and easier access to the sauna. The walls of your sauna are not touching the floor, so there is no gap for heat or humidity to get stuck in. This feature creates a more efficient way for you to enjoy infrared heat therapy and all its benefits!

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Every part of the sauna is covered by a Lifetime Warranty, including the structure, electronics and heaters. You never have to worry about quality.

Fast Fat Loss

One of the main benefits of infrared saunas is that they can help you lose weight and fat.

As we all know, losing weight and body fat is a long and tedious process. While some people may be able to achieve their goals in just a few weeks or months, others might take years before they finally get the results they want.

But what if there was a way to speed up this process? What if you could start losing weight faster than ever before?

Weight Loss in Seated Position

The seated position is often preferred by people who have limited mobility or those who have experienced a stroke. In this position, you sit on an inflatable chair and lean back against the wall of the sauna. The infrared heaters will cover your entire body and provide a relaxing experience that helps to reduce stress levels. It can even help improve circulation and make you feel more relaxed overall. This type of sauna is also good for weight loss because it doesn’t require any physical exertion on your part—just sit back and enjoy yourself!

Non-invasive Wellness Technology for pain & inflammation reduction and lymphatic drainage.

  • Wellness Technology
  • Pain & Inflammation Reduction
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Relaxation
  • Weight Loss

A sauna is a good way to relax and lose weight.

After your workout a sauna is a good way to relax and lose weight. The sauna is a good way to sweat and detoxify. The sauna is a good way to get rid of toxins in your body by sweating them out. It also helps you get rid of stress which can help with losing weight as well as your overall health, so it’s a win-win situation!


If you are looking for a way to relax and lose weight, then the infrared sauna is an excellent choice. The infrared sauna is energy efficient, has no heat up time, has a lifetime warranty and many other benefits as well. If this sounds like something that would be good for your home then please contact us today!